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Sustainable Neighborhoods for Happiness Project: Our service project

The Sustainable Neighborhoods for Happiness Project (Happy Hoods) at Arizona State University is making a major impact at a local and global level. Our local work occurs primarily in a Tempe, Arizona in a neighborhood called Victory Acres. Our global partner projects are located in Guadalajara, Mexico and Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This food-insecure area is primarily comprised of low-income residents who lack equitable access to the resources needed to create an environmentally sustainable and healthy living environment.  By working toward a regenerative neighborhood comprised of sustainable housing and gardens, we empower residents with a deeper connection to the natural environment, the food they produce, and their local community. Our members work alongside residents, in service and research, on edible landscaping, permaculture, and home improvement projects that are customized to the vision of each resident. For instance, we build community and individual gardens, paint mailboxes, build mediation spaces and much more.

Our work in Victory Acres serves 28 homes and approximately 100 residents. We will continue to expand our efforts throughout the neighborhood and to additional communities across the Phoenix area.  Every Monday from August to May a group of volunteers and students collaborate with community members in Victory Acres to help promote this vision of a sustainable, cohesive and happy community.


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