Our Vision

The Sustainable Neighborhoods for Happiness Project has a vision for the future.

With the help of approximately 20 undergraduate students per semester, 5 graduate/ Ph.D. students, 3 staff members and numerous volunteers, the Happy Hoods team strives to make the communities we serve amazing places to live. Our short-term vision is to continue working in the community to create and sustain a healthy, happy and cohesive lifestyle – demand for our services is growing. We use inspiration from nature in regenerative design and permaculture. We hope to inspire people to create a lasting and loving relationship with the earth. 

Our medium-term vision (within the next 1-2 years) is to acquire land in a community that will serve as a hub of innovation for our work. The hub will include a home built of sustainable materials and a permaculture showcase for a desert climate. In addition, it will be a collaboration of cultures as will encourage members and residents to express themselves through art in the construction of the hub. We will demonstrate that all residents, regardless of their socioeconomic status, can have equitable access to healthy and nutritious lifestyles. Residents who live nearby will be able to experience alternative healthy lifestyles and can request our services on their property.

In the long-term (3-5 years), we will establish 3-5 hubs in neighborhoods throughout Tempe to serve as examples to local neighborhoods. We hope to employ and offer training to local residents on site, involving anyone who is interested in our work. From there, we can serve as a model for other universities to scale similar efforts in promoting their own local healthy, happy, and sustainable neighborhoods. By spreading this model we could empower communities all over the U.S. and internationally.


Happy Hoods volunteers working diligently to build a garden

volunteers and gardening


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